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SubjectAtari800 2.0.3 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/16/07 07:23 AM

Here's all the changes leading to this release:
2007-04-23 Piotr Fusik
* win32/msc/Makefile: fixed a problem that appeared when I switched to another
version of NMAKE ("fatal error U1100: macro '$@' is illegal in the context
of batch rule '.c.obj'")

2007-04-23 Paulo Lopes
* win32/atari_win32.c: new command-line option "-win32keys" for keyboard
layouts different from US (the emulator relies on Win32 API to do scan code

2006-12-07 Paulo Lopes
* win32/main.c, win32/screen_win32.[ch]: an option to run the emulator
in a window ("-windowed" on the command line)

2006-11-05 Piotr Fusik
* DOC/PORTING: an introduction to writing platform-specific part of Atari800

2006-10-31 Kostas Nakos
* util.c: Make sure user does not updir from the root in WinCE

2006-10-30 Kostas Nakos
* wince/port/*, ui_basic.c, DOC/INSTALL.wince: added support for QVGA landscape
smartphones, added the virtual keyboard (kb_ui) and updated documentation.

2006-09-04 Piotr Fusik
* cartridge.[ch], ui.c, DOC/cart.txt: added 128 KB SpartaDOS X cartridge type,
by the way: shortened the cartridge code and replaced letters with numbers
for bank indexing in the documentation

2006-07-23 Piotr Fusik
* input.[ch], atari_x11.c, win32/main.c: middle button support
for ST and Amiga mice

2006-07-21 Piotr Fusik
* antic.c: corrected PMG in bizarre ANTIC/GTIA modes

2006-07-01 Mark Grebe
* antic.[ch], ui.c: new style of artifacting

2006-06-29 Piotr Fusik
* win32/msc/Makefile, win32/msc/config.h, DOC/INSTALL:
upgraded VC++ from 6.0 to 2005

2006-05-01 Piotr Fusik
* util/act2html.*: replaced my old C program with a Perl script;
the Perl script keeps hues from different palettes together
which I think is better for palette comparisons

* util/colors.asx, util/colors.xex: Atari program that displays all 256 colors

* util/crlf.*, util/keyboard.txt, util/usage2html.pl: removed

* util/readme.txt: updated

* act/gray.act: 0x00,0x11,0x22,... instead of 0x00,0x10,0x20,...

2006-04-24 Piotr Fusik
* util/sethdr.pl, util/sethdr.txt: removed; the script hasn't been updated
for years (so it supported only half of current cartridge types),
wasn't portable, etc. "Create Cartridge from ROM image" in the emulator
basically does the job of the removed script.

* util/makebb.bat: removed; anyone who is serious about making a ROM image
of "Bounty Bob Strikes Back 5200" by concatenating 3 files can read

Get it here: