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SubjectOotake 1.21 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on08/03/07 06:08 AM

Here's whatsnew:
- The operation timing of CD-DA(CD sound source) play processing was
elaborately brought close to a real machine. I think that the timing of
the voice and the image became it in a lot of games as well as a real
- Processing related to the memory access and drawing, etc. was sped up. I
think that processing lightened in some measure of a personal computer
environment so not fast.
- When "Gradius II" is started, it become the mode to which the laser and
spread-bomb do not blink. As a result, it is possible to play comfortably.
In case of unnecessary, remove the check on "Auto Improve Graphics
(Gradius II)" of "Setting->CPU" menu.
- In "Rainbow Island", when the display of "Hurry!!" appears, the going
under water scene was made reproduction near real machine (The character
display remains in the line top of water).
- In "Top wo Nerae vol.1", the load to the personal computer has been
- In some games ("BURAI" etc.), when the CD sound source is played, the bug
that had stopped in the first part once occasionally (generated from
v1.19) was corrected.
- "PC Performance Test" was added to "Info" menu. Whether Ootake operates
comfortably without the processing delay is checked. If "((( Bad Condition
[x]! )))" is displayed, the processing delay has occurred. In that case,
the trouble (in the game) might occur because the disk access timing is
late when playing "CD-Game".
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

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