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SubjectFB Alpha Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on08/04/07 06:55 AM

Here's whatsnew:
This list is nothing like exhaustive. These are only the highlights of a big new version;

Thanks to the contributions of OopsWare we have some nice new drivers:
PGM Hardware
Video System Hardware
1945k III
Gals Panic
Power Instinct
Shadow Force

I have been busy with the following:
Added a Sega System 18 driver
Added Ace Attacker, Excite League and Super League to the Sega System 16 drivers
Added various bootlegs to the Sega System 16 driver
Added driver for Kaneko 16 Hardware
Added Honey Dolls, Snow Bros. 3, and The Winter Bobble to the Pandora based driver
Added a generic lightgun interface to the burn library and converted all existing drivers to use it
Emulated column and row scroll in System 16 tilemaps (still has a few issues with a few instances)
Added support for (multiple) YM2612/3438 sound chips (as used by System 18)
Added support for the RF5C68 PCM sound chip (still has issues which escape me at present, used by System 18)
Fixed an issue with high BPP support in the generic tiles interface
Matched all sets to MAME 0.117u3 and added some clones to various drivers
Added Ganbare Ginkun and Riot to the Tecmo 16 driver [BisonSAS]
Added kev's preliminary Dec0 driver to debug builds [kev]

Get it here: