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SubjectGambatte 0.1.1 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on08/29/07 08:59 PM

Here's whatsnew:
- fix integer overflow in color conversion to rgb16
- only accept valid filter indexes
- print version
- print usage
- support command line arguments.
- add option for starting in full-screen
- add option for using video filter
- clean up obsolete includes.
- directdraw: only use alpha if primary surface uses it.
- add support for loading rom from porgam argument.
- s/"a highly accurate"/"an accuracy-focused"/ in about box
- gditoggler: fix unordered video mode listing
- Support external CPPFLAGS
- Use sdl-config
- fix silly wording in README about section
- s/seperate/separate/
- s/Automake/Make/
- mention XShm dependency
- mention sys/shm.h requirement
- document key mapping better
- s/"a highly accurate"/"an accuracy-focused"/
- add man pages

Get it here: