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SubjectClassic99 3.9 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on09/22/07 02:25 PM

Here's whatsnew:
-Fixed carry bug in SRC thanks to Matthrew Hagerty
-Removed raw file reading from emulated directory access
-Added some debug muting in SpeechDLL
-Fixed potential overrun in debug in SpeechDLL
-Added enums for file types in disk emulation
-Added filename munging in disk emulation - certain chars become '~' on disk
-Removed '/' sometimes remapping to '_' (now always maps to '~')
-Ignore protection and undefined bits in filetype header for Open
-Fixed filenames to uppercase (note this is not strictly right for the TI,
whose file system was case-sensitive)
-Maybe fixed a bug detecting variable/fixed type for Status (maybe introduced a bug,
not sure how to test it at the moment)
-Added ability to read Windows text files as DV80 (autodetects DF80 and DV80)

Get it here: