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SubjectYape 0.77 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on09/26/07 09:19 PM

Here's whatsnew per the homepage:

Another new release with extra usability and features, along with the usual fixes, such as:

MPS801/803 printer emulation
very preliminary ACIA emulation
a couple of configurability improvements
decoder hue (tint control, mainly for NTSC)
sound output settings
T6721 and ACIA emulation selectable individually
all missing D64 sector errors emulated in true drive emulation
bad sector info (copy protection) support also in fast IEC mode
optional fast autostart for D64 files
various minor bugfixes
The printer emulation includes the standard MPS801 character ROM as well, but you can specify your own (it should be at offset 0x800 in the image though, and should follow the rules of the MPS801 set). The printer emulation is complete with all special control characters, bitmap, reverse, enhance modes etc. The D64 error info emulation enhancements make it possible to use some of the copy protected disks to run under the fast IEC disk emulation mode (Typing Professor, Hulk).

Get it here: