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Subjectbsnes 0.024 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on10/01/07 05:31 PM

Here's whatsnew per the homepage:
"This is an interim release between some major changes to the video mode support, which may take a long time to complete. It also fixes a bug with CGRAM access timing, re-adds the Sufami Turbo load menu, and adds support for the ST-010 coprocessor, used by F1 Race of Champions.

To load Sufami Turbo cartridges, stbios.bin must be placed inside a folder named bios in the bsnes folder. There is not currently a warning if this file is missing.

Improved CGRAM access timing restrictions, fixes a bug in WWF Super WrestleMania
Re-added Sufami Turbo menu to load ST and ST dual cartridges
Added support for the ST-010 coprocessor, used by F1 Race of Champions II
Improved libui to automatically adjust control sizes based on platform, vastly improves Windows UI
Fixed relative paths in config file for Windows port
bsnes no longer consumes 100% CPU time when idle on Linux port, thanks [vEX]
Fixed config file object to not rely on undefined C++ language behavior, thanks Nach"

Get it here: