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SubjectMickey Mouse S4/1.00 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on10/01/07 05:41 PM

Here's whatsnew per the homepage:
"The last time I started programming a simulator, it was January 2003, and it took me long time to decide it's time to go back into my favourite hobby at "full time" (well I also have to work hard for a living...).
The first simulator in this "rebirth" was a quite easy job for me, since it's nothing but an already programmed game, with just different graphics and a few more optimizations: Mickey Mouse (Nintendo, Panorama Screen) comes from the source code of the old donkey Kong Circus simulator.
What really changes this time is the "standard" (which I call "standard 4) that is: very realistic 8-bit colour sprites for the LCD screen; clean graphics and animated buttons for the actual handheld; manual embedded in the main executable; compiled with Delphi 6; more optimizations to all game routines. The resulting application requires some more RAM than previous games, but quality is much better, believe me! So, here's my release #37:

- Mickey Mouse (Nintendo, Panorama Screen) S4/1.00 (Standard 4, final)"

Get it here: