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SubjectuBee512 1.4.0 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on10/06/07 09:07 AM

Here's whatsnew:
New for this release:
* Display aspect ratio much improved, a display aspect ratio of 2:1 is now
the default, --aspect option added to change to 1:1 ratio (old ratio).
* ROM based (tape machines) models emulation. Each ROM model can
be configured to determine what BASIC, PAK and NET ROMs to use.
* Model option to target specific Z80 model Microbees. The boot ROM
for disk emulated models can be configured for each model.
* Added specific disk emulations for 128K, 64K, 56K models.
* Close window box made operational, exit and reset now prompts user to
confirm the requested actions. (in Windows only)
* Added --pcg option to select amount of PCG RAM for emulation (Premium).
* Added --vdu option to select amount of VDU RAM for emulation (Premium).
This now defaults to 2K allowing some incorrectly coded programs to work.
* Added --mmode option to force the ROM's monitor mode to start.
* Changes to Windows port for console output, a --conio option for verbose
reporting is provided.
* Windows binary releases now includes an installer executable, this will
add icons to the start menu and optionally to the desktop.
* Windows install location is now determined by the user for both the
binary installer and ZIP file releases.
* Optimised binary code generation and greatly reduced executable sizes.
* Improved error reporting.
* Added alternative shortened 3 character file name extensions for raw
* Other '.dsk' image formats including 3.5" Microbee Modular images should
now be possible.

* Windows port now starts up correctly without a back ground command prompt
window appearing unless an error condition or if an information output
option is used.
* Fixed bug preventing '.DSnn' and '.SSnn' raw images from being opened.

Get it here: