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Subject Questions about the Taito Type X2 system Reply to this message
Posted byCyberAkuma
Posted on10/09/07 01:56 AM


I realize that this system is too new to be considered ethical to emulate by Mame standards (which IIRC is 5 years), I am just curious about something in regards to actually "emulating" it one day.

I was reading about this arcade system's hardware. And from what I learned, there are basically a variety of hardware configurations. You can choose from a Celeron, Pentium 4, or Dual-core penitum CPU and you have a variety of 3D cards from ATI and Nvidia to choose from. And it also apparently runs on Windows XP (the full OS or just the kernel?).

Basically, this "arcade" system seems more like a low-mid range gaming desktop than an actual arcade machine. Though I dunno if Windows XP is installed as an actual OS (though obivously stripped off of any useless junk like most apps/services) instead or it just has it's kernel like the Xbox360, and I am not sure if the mothrboard and BIOS are custom or just a standard off the shelf PC part. (Are they?)

Due to all this, I was wondering, since emulation will be close to impossible (or at the last very very very difficult) for something like this because they would basically need to emulate an entire modern low-mid range x86 system, possibly even a dual-core system, and I am SURE there are safety locks that prevent one from just popping the game's harddrive (I assume they come on a harddrive since the specs I saw mentioned no optical drive) into a normal PC and playing.....

....would it be possible or easier to write an application that allows one to run the arcade software as a program on one's PC instead of attempting to emulate the arcade system? Basically it would be more of a frontend/interpeter than an emulator since it wouldent need to emulate the hardware or even the OS since a normal PC would already have these in them. Is such a thing even possible?


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