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SubjectColEm 2.4 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on10/12/07 06:29 AM

Here's whatsnew:
-Ported ColEm to smartphones running Symbian/UIQ3 software!
-Added new, much better, scanline simulation and video softening effects to ColEm-Windows.
-ColEm-Windows full-screen mode now runs in 640x480 resolution.
-Added -sync/-nosync option to ColEm-MSDOS to sync screen updates to the timer (use -vsync for VBlanks).
-Added -zoom/-nozoom option to ColEm-MSDOS that will zoom -ColEm display to fill the whole screen, using image softening algorithm.
-ColEm-MSDOS now runs in 640x480x15bpp VESA screen mode when -zoom or -tv options used, otherwise it runs in 320x200x15bpp screen mode.
-Added [CONTROL]+[F8] key combination to ColEm-MSDOS to toggle display zoom on/off.
-Added new "Fill & Soften" zoom mode to ColEm-Symbian. It is rather slow though.
-Fixed possible source of instabilities in the S60 open file dialog in ColEm-Symbian.

Get it here: