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SubjectVDOS32 v0.7 Reply to this message
Posted bySune_S
Posted on10/28/07 09:22 PM

Yes it's five months old news, but it's just too damn cool:

"VDos32 is a virtual environment for running 32bit DOS programs, specifically intended for Vista. The 64bit version of Vista has no native support for DOS programs, and it is hoped that the techniques used by VDos32 can be made to work under Vista 64 in the future. Also the 32bit version of Vista has fairly flakey DOS support, and so VDos32 is a way to improve stability. VDos32 is intended to run DOS/4GW based programs, which are probably the most common form of 32bit DOS program. Particularly, there are many games of that type.

Tomb Raider I, Descent II and Redguard are now supported. For running the games in Glide mode, you also need Glidos. Descent II and Redguard have been tested only in Glide mode so far."

Version 0.7

* Audio now uses DirectSound which works correctly under Vista.
* Further improvements have been made to the unlocking mechanism to avoid having to repeat the procedure unnecessarily.

Get it here: http://www.vdos32.com/

There's also a new version of GliDOS out: http://www.glidos.net/