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Subjectubee512 2.1.0 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on10/30/07 05:23 PM

Here's whatsnew:
* Teleterm 256TC model now tested and working.
* Added --lpen option to enable 6545 light pen key emulation for 256tc.
By default the 256tc model does not have lpen key emulation now.
* Added left mouse button click to toggle full screen mode.
* Added middle mouse button click to reset.
* Added right mouse button click to exit.
* Added CPU speed change emulation on port 0x09 input and a --speedsel
option to enable/disable.
* Added alarm flag and interrupt set for Real Time Clock (RTC).
* vsync signal implemented for PIO port B with interrupt.
* Added --piob7 option to determine PIO port B bit 7 use, options of pup,
rtc, vsync, and net are provided. the net option is not implemented.
* Added SDL version to the --version output option.
* Added --clock option. (to use instead of --xtal)
* Each DRAM model now has unique file name for the optional ROM 2 & 3 images.
* Better account creation for Unices when upgrading to later versions. Any
missing or new directories will be created.
* Added missing key combination of 'SHIFT 0' by providing a 'SHIFT INSERT'
for the standard keyboard.
* The help option output is now organised into sections.
* M+RESET keys will not request a confirmation (for jumping into Monitor)
* Bad Telcom v3.2.1 ROM image check and patch.

* The FDC FDC_READADDR command now works for all disk formats that some system
code depended on (i.e. 256TC).
* Fixed problem of 10 sector/track disks where sector numbers are 21-30.
* RTC AM/PM hours were not returned correctly when set to AM/PM mode.
* RTC Alarm times were not returned correctly.
* RTC file image should now have values saved in the format the same as that
found inside of a RTC IC.
* Microbee DS80, D80 format fixed, had wrong data track offset value.
* Model not found exited with segmentation fault.
* Incorrect table ordering of p256k, 256k, and p128k, 128k models.
* Network ROM bank selection problem corrected for ROM based models.
* Reversed the full and half intensity colours as these were in the reversed
order, re-adjusted the intensity levels.
* Dark grey colour now produces dark grey and not black.

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