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SubjectSleep Walker S4/1.00 final + 3 other games updates Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on11/11/07 06:13 PM


New release (my 39th handheld simulator):

- "Sleep Walker" (VTech, 1981, Time & Fun series) version "S4/1.00 final"

Also updated:

- "Parachute" (Nintendo, 1981, Wide Screen series) version "S4/1.01 MAME cabinets compatible"

- "Mickey Mouse" (Nintendo, 1984, Panorama Screen series) version "S4/1.01 MAME cabinets compatible"

- "Caccia al Ladro/Heathcliff" (VTech, 1982, Mini Time & Fun series) version "S3/1.02 manual added"

All the games marked with "S4" (Standard 4) are now 100% compatible with MAME cabinets.

They can be fully operated with keyboard and do not require mouse anymore.

Diagonals-based-controlled games (controlled by keys Q/A/P/L) can now also be played with arrow keys (up+left, up+right, etc...)

All games at: www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/

Thanks :-)