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SubjectLisaEm 1.2.2 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on11/12/07 05:54 PM

Here's whatsnew per the homepage:
--- 1.2.2 Release ------------------------------------------------------------

2007.11.11 - changed printing so that it auto-flushes print jobs. Printing
works but the page size is slightly off so it tends to not line
up properly when more than one page is printed.

2007.11.10 - cleaning up build.sh script + source code

2007.11.08 - fixed slot preferences - browse buttons between high/low ports
were swapped.

- fixed parallel port u/l assignments - opposite from what LOS uses

2007.11.02 - more via6522.c cleanup/fixes.

2007.10.18 - Renamed Profile menu to Parallel Port as it's more accurate

2007.10.15 - cleaning up Generator code so as to build it as its own library

2007.10.01 - looking into cleaning up unicode incompatibility bugs, rewrote
bunches and bunches of string routines and fixed up some idiotic
char * <-> wxString gymnastics.

2007.09.25 - Looking into via6522 bugs for MacWorks and Xenix,
no luck there yet

Get it here: