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SubjectAmphetamines 0.15 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on11/12/07 05:57 PM

Per the *.txt file that is packaged with the emulator download:

"Amphetamines the Nintendo NES emulator
Version 0.15
Copyright 2007-2008 holodnak ...

1. Introduction

This particular program was designed to emulate Nintendo NES
hardware and its attachments. It will load the common .nes files
that most people store thier ROM images in.

At its current state, it is a primitive emulator. It has bad
keyboard controls, no sound, perfect (I think) CPU emulation, and
near perfect PPU emulation; a nice amount of mappers too. There
is also a memory viewer and debugger.

2. Features

Please see the website for feature list, as it is constantly
changing. http://amphetamines.sourceforge.net/

3. Controls

The controls are hard-coded until I feel the program is ready
to be in a non-alpha state. The buttons are:

D-pad - Arrows Keys
Start - S
Select - A
A - X
B - Z

Get it here: