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SubjectRoller Coaster (VTech, Explorer Time & Fun) Simulator, version S4/1.00 Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on11/18/07 05:47 PM


after exactly 8 years of "LCD handhelds simulation", I reach the score of well 40 simulators :-)

The new game is very nice and it comes from the much rare and sought-after "VTech Explorer Time & Fun Series". The original handheld has a COMPASS and MINI TORCHLIGHT, as an addition to the LCD game. It's a game for "boyscouts" and young explorers.

The simulator also has the torchlight simulation :-)

The game is: "Roller coaster" (VTech, Explorer Time & Fun simulator) version S4/1.00 final.

The game is 100% compatible with MAME based cabinet PCs, and can be fully operated with keyboard (mouse is not required anymore).

On my website, there is also the new "MADrigal CD Collection #40" that is a single ZIP file with all games, and useful Graphics Interface (GUI) to select them easily.

URL is: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/

Next monday I will release the 41th simulator: "Pancake" (VTech, Time & Fun) Simulator.

Thanks! :)