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SubjectMinus4w 2.6 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on11/28/07 08:20 PM

Here's whatsnew:
1) Debugger Only: Added a menu switch for undocumented opcodes. They are now OFF by default.
2) Debugger now loads symbols (-p "symbol.sym" on the command line). SNASM format.
3) Source now builds under VS2005
4) Updated Debugger to allow disassembly view movement.
Page up/down, line up/down now moves disassembly view
SHIFT+Page up/down, line up/down now moves memory dump view
5) Dump of most of the hardware registers
6) Added a scrollable BAR to the disassembly view to allow the placement of breakpoints and nicer navigation
7) New debugger keys:
Cursor Up/Down Move user bar
Page Up/Down page disassembly up/down
Shift + Cursor Up/Down Move memory dump up/down a line
Shift + Page Up/Down page memory dump up/down
B Set Break point at current user bar address
Shift + B Set Break point at address/symbol
Enter Step a single instruction. If JSR/Branch then follow if need be.
Space Place a breakpoint after current instruction and RUN.
Cursor Right If user bar is on a JSR/JMP, then read address and set window address to that.
Cursor Left If CursorRight has been used, then pop last address off and reset window.
M Set Memory window address
G Set Disassembly window address
8) Realtime code Profiling.
9) Fixed TURBO MODE (F5) so it now works again.

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