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SubjectMAME 0.121u3 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/06/07 03:12 PM

Here's whatsnew:

Source Changes
Fixed colors in loverboy. [David Haywood]

Fixed buffer overflow in K054539. [BUT]

SCSP improvements: [kingshriek]
- Added logarithmic envelope table
- Set envelope level to start at 0x17f in the ATTACK state
(0x3ff-0x280) as per Neill's notes
- Changed EG_SHIFT from 8 to 16 - more precision is needed to
differentiate the longer decay envelope times
- In the DECAY1-->DECAY2 transition, changed the "<=" to "<"
- Decreased the output of the effect out mixer a bit
- Fixed unaligned 16-bit samples
- Prevented keyoffs from killing slots when already in the release
- Envelope steps in the attack state are apparently exponential. To
account for this, I change the envelope output to linear for
- Change the release rate calculation to use the decay table instead
of the attack one.

Fixed uninitialized variable in h6280 core. [Wilbert Pol]

Added meter support to the Cobra games. Cleaned up some of the
steppers code. [James Wallace]

Const-ified a number of data structures in the MAME system.
[Atari Ace]

Added PowerPC 604 processor support. Moved PowerPC opcode tables to
the CPU context to allow multiple simultaneous processors with
different opcode tables. [Ville Linde]

dkong driver updates: [couriersud]
- Added configuration switch to change palette between TKG02
(radarscp conversion) and TKG04 (dkong 2board)
- Added speech support (samples) to radarsc1
- Fixed sound for drakton and strtheat
- Hooked up and written 8257 dma controller
All dkong and dkongjr based games now use the 8257
All epos and 2650 based games now use the 8257
- Fixed 2650 games to use dkong audio as well - only cpu replaced
by addon board ...
- Updated game flags and added missing rom entries
- straightened memory maps
- Fixed bug in dkong3b memory map
- Externalized sound drivers to MACHINE_START in audio/dkong.c
- DAC Filter now uses lowpass sallen key filter
- Reorganized INPUT_PORTS
- Added Dip-Switch locations to 8ballact
- Fixed 8ballact according to conversion manual
- Reorganized code

Corrected a potential issue if more than one 8039/8035 is used by
a driver. Also should fix a potential inconsistency between saving
and loading a state. [couriersud]

Added an assert to ensure that the sound clear latch value is only
set at init time, since its value is not saved. [Aaron Giles]

Modified src2html to sort by filename rather than assuming that the
osd file finding routines would do so. [Aaron Giles]

Fix memory system regression caused by recent optimization. Fixed
another bug uncovered as a result in the decrypted opcode management.
[Aaron Giles]

More Zeus improvements. Converted over to 64-bit data and simplified
the logic to work more like the hardware. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
The Block Kuzushi (JAPAN) [Guru, smf]
Wrestle War (Mega-Tech) [Mame Italia]

New clones added
Puzzle & Action: BoMulEul Chajara (Korea) [Guru, David Haywood]
DaeJeon! SanJeon SuJeon (Korea) [Guru, David Haywood]
Success Joe (World) [Corrado Tomaselli]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Stress Busters [Guru, David Haywood]
Magical Zunou Power [Guru, David Haywood]
Draw 80 Poker [Jim Stolis]
1 on 1 Government (JAPAN) [Guru, smf]

Get the Diff Intermediate Update here: