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Subjectbsnes 0.027 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/22/07 12:49 PM

Here's whatsnew:

This version replaces libui with miu -- a new GUI wrapper library, and cleans up large portions of the source code.

Unfortunately, the GUI rewrite took far, far longer than I ever imagined. As a result, no work has gone into the core emulation for this version. But with the GUI rewrite out of the way, that should change in the near future. And thanks to the new UI library, I can now begin work on adding a cross-platform debugger to bsnes, at long last.

Major source code cleanup (lib/, ui/miu/, ui/vai/)
Cheat code editor was broken in v0.026, this is now fixed
Cheat code file format simplified for human readability
Makefile install target improvements [belegdol]
libui replaced with miu GUI library
Custom video / audio / input drivers replaced with vai HW library
ppc and ppc64 libco targets added [Vas Crabb]
x86 and x86-64 libco targets now work on OS X [Lucas Newman]

Get it here: