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SubjectMiSFiTMAME 0.122 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/23/07 08:21 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Important note: Do NOT use the MameUI gui with this version of MisfitMAME, as many games will not work.
Use another front-end, or the command prompt.

Source changes

alpacap7 and alpacap8
- Fixed the loading of graphics roms, but the colours are still wrong due to an original programming error.

comdelux, comdlux1
- screen is now the right way up

- colours are now correct

- fix gfx corruption

- fix screen size
- fix dipswitches

Removed samplesets: boxingb, gorf, wow

Monaco GP
- Compiled inbuilt (previously unused) layout into the driver, and added support for it
- Added support for all digital displays in Mr.Do artwork (make sure you update your lay file)
- Added proper sequence of game running with timer, extended play, bonus cars, and game over
- Added rankings and high scores support
- Added siren sound for the ambulance, skid sound for the water puddle, and extend sound for bonus cars
- Added a tiny speedometer to represent the tacho that the original game had
- Car speeds up at 6000 and 8000 points

Pacman Notes
- Source completely rewritten, and split into 4 files
- Some sets renamed
- All rom names now conform to the misfit standard

Neogeo Notes
- Due to the change of MAME neogeo coding, npong10, neopong, and beast no longer work.

- The source code has been split into several files

- neonopn1, neonopn2, neonopn3: These contain an illegal instruction which cannot be fixed.
The games have therefore been removed, please use neonopon instead.

- The "decrypted c" sets which were removed a few months back have been re-added.

Games Added
puckmoti (Puckman hack) [Hebus]
puckmot1 (Puckman hack) [Hebus]
puckmano (Puckman hack) [Hebus]

Get it here: