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SubjectMADrigal's Simulators - Dec 31 Update Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/31/07 06:08 AM

Per the homepage:

"This was a very rich year for handhelds simulation, and this is gonna be the last post for 2007! And I wish this news make someone happy, since there's a brand new simulator plus four updates for previously released simulators. The new game comes from the extremely rare and sought after "VTech, Tooth-Sporty Time & Fun" series, and the other games all feature bug-fixes to the "hiscore save", which failed to store data correctly into the Windows Registry. One of the games even has better graphics, making the LCD screen look much more realistic!
This is the list of news:

- Tennis Menace (VTech, Tooth-Sporty Time & Fun) S4/1.00 (Standard 4, final)
- Parachute (Nintendo, Wide Screen) S4/1.02 (Standard 4, graphics improvement + hiscore save fix)
- Roller Coaster (VTech, Explorer Time & Fun) S4/1.01 (Standard 4, hiscore save fix)
- Pancake (VTech, Explorer Time & Fun) S4/1.01 (Standard 4, hiscore save fix)
- Condor (VTech, Explorer Time & Fun) S4/1.01 (Standard 4, hiscore save fix)

Please jump to the downloads page to get all games, their source codes, and the latest "MADrigal CD Collection 46". I wish you a shappy new year's day and hey stay tuned here, because I'm gonna release more games next week"!

Get it (all) here: