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SubjectMAME 0.122u5 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on01/11/08 06:51 PM

Here's whatsnew:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
scorpion0111u5gra [couriersud]
qbert37b14gre1 [Zsolt Vasvari]
blktiger060gre [robiza]
kinstc081u7gre [Aaron Giles]
kinst2083gre [Aaron Giles]
umk3059gre [Aaron Giles]
umk3137b5gre [Aaron Giles]
lasso056gre_1 [Zsolt Vasvari]
lasso056gre_2 [Zsolt Vasvari]
term20103u4gre [Aaron Giles]
term20104u2gre [Aaron Giles]
m72_0115u3yel [Mamesick, Aaron Giles]
deadang0119u2red [David Haywood]
tmnt095gre [Zsolt Vasvari]
memleak0122u2ora [Atari Ace]
junglek055gre [Zsolt Vasvari]

Source Changes
Fixed flipped tilemap offset for scramble and clones (playable
cocktail mode). [couriersud]

Changed Exidy driver to draws the background directly from memory
avoiding having to decode the gfx repeadately. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Added machine and cpunum parameters to INTERRUPT_GEN callbacks. Fixed
several places that were not using INTERRUPT_GEN or OPBASE_HANDLER
macros. [Atari Ace]

Minor bugfixes to the gfxlayout cleanups included in u4. [Atari Ace]

Added code to debug 64-bit builds to allocate all address space below
4GB to help find 64-bit errors. Added environment variable
OSDDEBUGMALLOC which, if set, explicitly overrides the debug malloc
debug settings. Added environment variable OSDDEBUG4GB which, if set,
explicitly overrides the new 64-bit address space allocations. (Sadly
this is necessary due to some D3D drivers being 64-bit unclean....)
[Aaron Giles]

Fixed winwork to use proper tchar functions for getenv. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed bug where the 64-bit DRC was not saving rbp. [Aaron Giles]

Cleaned up the lasso driver. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Simplified Y-unit DMA rendering, fixing bugs and removing the macro
voodoo. [Aaron Giles]

Removed a bunch of dead code from othunder.c. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Implemented proper video timing and scanline interrupts in the m72
driver. [Mamesick, Aaron Giles]

mario.c improvements: [couriersud]
* discrete sound
* hooked up z80dma
* combined memory maps
* statics in mario_state struct
* fixed save state issues
* combine sh_* writes into one routine

audio/dkong.c: [couriersud]
* fixed LS123 constant to match TI datasheet diode circuit constant

TX-1 improvements [Philip Bennett, Guru]:
* Fixed remaining arithmetic unit issues
* Added correct object colour pixel LUT PROM to tx1a
* Fixed x-flipping
* Added engine sounds

Added correct DIP switch settings for Big Fight. Also corrected Cycle
Warriors DIP switches. [Philip Bennett]

Changed and verified frequencies on Ikari Warriors h/w, Tnk3, Hyper
Sports, Jackal and S.A.R. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Verified and corrected a lot of frequencies and oki6295 pin 7 on pcbs:
Double Dribble, Chequered Flag, Diet gogo, Boulderdash, Sly Spy,
Psycho Nics Oscar, Captain Silver, Magical Cat Adventure, Raiden,
Superman, Twin Hawk, Vimana, Ghox, Dogyunn, truxton2, Pipi and Bibis,
Fix Eight and Money Money. [Corrado Tomaselli]

Cleaned up brkthru/darwin memory maps. Changed both games to use
identical video timing parameters based on measurements of darwin.
Guessed based on available information at the master clock and
derived all game clocks from it. [Aaron Giles]

Reogranized and started to clean up the CVS driver. Added emulation
of the speech CPU. Removed CVS BIOS entry. Removed unnecessary
patching. [Zsolt Vasvari]

sauro.c: [couriersud]
* Hooked up sp0256 sound
* analyzed and commented some ports
* added palette_bank support without real success

Reorganized the Raiden 2 driver.. a bit of extra documentation of the
'V33' based set, which has been renamed. Nothing new working.
[David Haywood]

Fixed scan functions for kickgoal background, which were swapped.
[David Haywood]

Fixed 2650 disassembly of the sense and flag bits. Fixed incorrect
argument order in OUT instruction. Corrected spacing. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Fixed hang/crash on empty config file. [Wilbert Pol]

Cleaned up tceptor memory maps. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Atari System 2 driver cleanup: [Aaron Giles]
* Proper video timing.
* Full memory maps.
* Save state support.
* Removed 720 sound CPU hack in favor of prepopulated EEPROM like
the other games.

Added support for outputting 64-bit target addresses in the i386dasm.
[Aaron Giles]

Added MESS PC-Engine emulatation system. Fixed MAME debug build under
VC2003. [David Haywood]

Unified memory maps in tmnt.c and twin16.c. Reversed ROM set names
of Cuebrick World and Japan versions. Changed some function names to
reflect parent set. [Zsolt Vasvari]

Changed Konami drivers to allocate and decode graphics using the same
layouts. Removed the layout parameter from the decodechar() calls.
[Atari Ace]

Fixed C++ compilation errors. [Dave Dribin]

Made INPs compatible between 64-bit MAME and 32-bit MAME. [Chad]

Complete taitosj memory map from Nicola's ancient notes. General code
clean-up. [Zsolt Vasvari]

src2html improvments: [Aaron Giles]
- added line numbers
- added link to the raw file if the src and dst dirs are the same

"Fix" for full screen switch, which makes no sense, but is included
based on empirical evidence that is somehow works. [Emuman]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Name Club Ver.3 (J 970723 V1.000) [David Haywood]
Blazing Lazers [David Haywood, Charles MacDonald, Mr. Do]

New clones added
Lead Angle (Japan) [Guru]
A Question of Sport (39-960-107) [Highwayman]
Gee Bee (F.lli Bertolino license) [Corrado Tomaselli]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Road Runner (Midway) [Zsolt Vasvari, Guru]
Paranoia [David Haywood]

Get the Diff Intermediate Update here: