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SubjectCreatiVEmu website update Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on01/24/08 05:39 AM


this update's been really HUGE - and this is also gonna be the last one for long time, due to upcoming job I have elsewhere.

Here's the report you can also read from the "news page"

There's a very important addition to the Releases database: Germans should be happy because I scanned the complete German BASIC manual (very rare version printed on A4 sheets!) and turned it into a superb 1,5 MBytes PDF file.

Similar additions to the Articles from the 80s page: thanks to very nice contributor Norman Pelz, I added scans from Tele-Spiele Report'84, a rare German book printed in 1983, featuring a 4-page chapter on the creatiVision. I also scanned the complete First Book of Programs for the D.S. Wizzard and turned it into another sturdy 2,7 MBytes PDF file! Here's the list:

- Tele-Spiele Report '84
- German BASIC manual
- First Book of Programs for the Dick Smith Wizzard

Last but not least, there's a load of new files in the Downloads area. Let's start with a bunch of BASIC listings taken from the "First Book of Programs". I tested, fixed and saved them to plain text file, making them available for use with the FunnyMu 0.47 emulator. Here's the list:

- Computer Story, Graphics Example Program, Hangman, Letter Guesser, Magic Patterns, Maths Quiz, Music Box, Music Machine, Number Guesser, Rowe's Relaxation Therapy, Sketch, Space Style Character Set, Test Marker, What Day of the Week is it?, Wizzard Clock, Wizzard Mind, Wizzard Word

Good news from programmer Kurt Woloch, who updated his gorgeous Titanic Frogger demo, which now works also on real hardware (the first version worked properly on emulator only), and there's also the new Christmas Demo, previously available on the Special Edition Multicart (sold through Ebay on a charity auction to support Amnesty International). Both demos are available with their full source code - we strongly wish this helps talented programmers willing to enter the leet creatiVision demo scene! Here's the list:

- Christmas Demo 1.0 + source code
- Titanic Frogger Demo 1.1 + source code

The newly released ROMs informations and screenshots were of course added to CreatiVe-UI, the friendly interface for use with FunnyMu 0.47:

- CreatiVe-UI 1.05

That's all folks... Please feel free to send me any comments or questions.

Link: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu/news.php