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SubjectuBee512 2.3.0 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on01/25/08 06:13 AM

Here's whatsnew:

New for this release:
* Added --hint option to allow half intensity monochrome for alpha+ models.
* Added Z80 code built in debugging. The --debug option is now only used
for Z80 debugging. Debugging allows disassembly in trace and single
stepping modes, z80 break points can be specified with --bp and --bpc
options. Uses keys to control debugging.
* Added --modio option that takes parameters determining what modules should
report I/O access.
* Added --regs option that takes parameters determining what registers are
to be dumped when pressing the EMUKEY+R keys.
* Added --dump option to specify a Z80 memory dump address. EMUKEY+D,
EMUKEY+1, EMUKEY+2, EMUKEY+3, EMUKEY+4 and EMUKEY+5 can then be used
to dump memory to stdout.
* Added preliminary support for direct floppy access for Unices. Windows is
to be investigated for a later release. (See the Direct Floppy Access
section in the README file).
* EMUKEY keys (HOME or ALT) now acts as a control key allowing more
emulator functionality from the keyboard.
* The tape rewind key is now EMUKEY+T.
* Emulation of typical RAM and DRAM memory patterns found on start up on
* Removed the --standard option and replaced with new --col and --mono
options that allow enabling/disabling colour emulation for standard
* The Z80 ports emulation is now greatly improved, the interpretation for
each port is now determined by the model emulated.
* Added printf, hex and decimal output functions to the stdio group.
* Added many new functions to the status group.
* The default size of the PCG RAM emulated is now 16K for the 256TC and
Premium model, upgraded Premium models are 32K, standard is 2K.
* The alpha+ --vdu option functionality has been removed, it remains as an
option but does nothing.

* A major banking issue fixed that prevented the 256TC model working
correctly when the second 128K of DRAM was accessed.
* DRAM block selection has been corrected when selected with ROMs also in
the memory map for all 128K and above models.
* The memmap.c and vdu.c modules have seen major changes to fix the above
problems and improvements in other areas.
* Incorrect test of BIG_ENDIAN format in mz80.h has been fixed. Unix
systems use this to define the byte order, and not as a true/false. The
mz80context should now be correct for Little endian hosts.
* z80context initialization problem fixed.
* Removed the "invalid Z80 code" workaround during initial start up as the
problem causing it has now been fixed (see z80context bug above), faster
start up may now be noticeable.
* ROM Basic 5.22e problem of coloured mosaic characters remaining on the
screen after booting has been solved and the problem fixed.
* The --pcg option now works correctly when PCG is less than 32K, any
multiple of 2K between 2 and 32 can now be specified.
* Removed VDU memory clearing code from the VDU reset function.
* All DRAM models (except 256TC) now have ROM1 size changed so that 16K ROMS
can be loaded instead of just 8K. Relaxed the rules in the loading
section of the code on what size is allowed.
* Some boolean results in the function module did not use the endian
functions that would result in 1 returned as some other non zero value on
big Endian platforms.

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