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SubjectNES Ultimate Game List Reply to this message
Posted byConsoleMe
Posted on02/20/08 07:33 PM

I'm talking about that quirky game that maybe everyone else but you thinks is crap...That game you bought on a whim and has now eaten up several days of your life...The game you played until your eyes wouldn't focus right....Your Personal Classics.

Here are some of mine:
-Mega Man (2, 4 and 6 especially)
-Pipe Dream (gets very hard very fast)
-Startropics (once you get used to his funny walk it's pretty cool)
-Twin Eagle (a little trick i figured out-play 1 player as far as you can. when you lose your last life, press Start on 2nd controller and 2nd player will join in with full lives)
-River City Ransom (2 player co-op asskicking! I rented this game enough to buy it three times over i bet)
-Chip'n Dale's Rescue Rangers (2 player co-op!)
-Duck Tales (a frequent childhood rental)
-Ice Hockey (and I don't like sports games)

These are games I found recently and think I will continue to play:
-Mad Max
-Guerilla War
-Gunsmoke (unique control scheme works great)
-Gauntlet (2+? player co-op is great)
-The Mutant Virus (interesting wikipedia article on this game)
-Die Hard (the sense of impending doom is great when the elevator door chime sounds)
-Rad Racer (sooo faassst)
-Rockin Kats (just play it to swing around)

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