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SubjectFB Alpha 0.29.73 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on02/22/08 06:10 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Added a generic tiles decoding routine and updated various drivers to use it
Added support for 32x32 tiles in the generic tile rendering module
Added support for multiple YM2203s to the YM2203 interface
Updated all sets to match MAME 0.123u1
Tidied up all source code to compile cleanly for all builds (unicode, non-unicode, debug, non-debug)
Added support for M6502 CPU
Added support for SH-2 CPU
Added support for NEC V30 family CPU
Seperated misc drivers into "Misc (pre 90s)" and "Misc (post 90s)"
Moved some common sound cores into the burn folder
Added various clones and fixed some little issues in various games
Added driver for Madgear and Last Duel
Added driver for 1942
Added preliminary driver for 1943 and added support to the Zet interface to get the BC register
Added Oopsware's CPS-3 driver
Added various drivers by iq_132
Cleaned up the drivers by iq_132 (seperated into Misc pre 90s category, corrected aspect ratios, fixed rom-sets, etc.)
Added driver for seta2 hardware
Added preliminary driver for m92 hardware in debug builds
Added a d_parent module to put required parent drivers that don't have a specific driver

Get it here: