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SubjectNeoRAINE 1.1.0 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on03/07/08 05:55 AM

Here's whatsnew:

* Switched from SDL_Mixer to SDL_Sound to decode audio tracks : no more
weird crashes with electric fence, adds flac audio support for the audio
tracks, and allows to save the position of the audio track in the
* Fixed a problem with semi transparent sprites which showed only in puzzle
bubble !
* Setting the speed to 85% in aof2 didn't work, fixed
* Fixed kof96 neocd collector demo, which was messing with interrupt
* Added error messages in game when an audio track can't be loaded (either
file unreadable, or track not found)
* Added pseudo video layers keys to the neocd driver : you can now disable
the 8 first sprites blocks + the fix layer using the F5..F12 keys. Notice
that the sprites layers are logical layers, the hardware doesn't handle
them directly.
* Fixed the opening b demo in last blade 2 (option->demo viewer->opening b)
* Inputs are now reseted when returning to the game, which avoids the
problems when calling the gui while keeping a game key pressed.
* fullheight scanlines + double width were kaput (old broken asm code)
* Fix the blinking effect of scanlines in windows fullscreen with double
buffer enabled
* Add loading animations support - by default they play as they would with
an 8x cdrom drive, it seems the best choice between too slow and too fast.
You can change their speed in the neocd options in the gui (or set it to
off to disable completely the animations).
* Fix some possible corruption in the savegames, but old ones can still
create corruption, try to use only savegames created with this version.
* savegames are compatible again between linux & windows
* handles the urls in history.dat without crashing.
* You can finally change the keys for the video layers, go to the inputs
section / Video layers...
* Fixed loading directly an iso passed on the command line, it was broken
since 1.0.5.

Get it here: