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SubjectNeoRaine 1.1.1 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on03/12/08 06:04 AM

Here's whatsnew:

* The autofire options are fixed and they are now saved with your game
options (as custom controls).
* Fixed a stupid graphical glitch which can happen after a loading sequence
(like on the title screen of last blade 2).
* Fixed again scanlines (asm problem) + double pixel scaler (same problem)
* Fixed a possible crash when using normal blits and loading a new game
* Remapped custom keys : the multimedia keys were recognised before, bad
very badly mapped since they could cause a serious buffer overflow. So
they have been remapped and if you used some non standard keys in your
mappings you'll have to remap them using the gui.
* The loading is now progressive when animations are enabled, this produces
a smoother animation and allows to better see some effects (notice that at
speed > 2, it can still be not totally smooth because at these speeds the
number of sectors loaded by frame can vary from frame to frame).
* the turbo key (default: del) becomes like the game keys : keep it pressed
to enable turbo, release it to go back to normal.
* When changing a control, you now have the option to delete it.
* Fix again some corruption in the savegames. This correction might fix some
savegames saved before this version, but you might be obliged to create
new savegames to be sure to get rid of the problem (tested with samsho4).
* When loading a game with animations enabled and the game uses a resolution
of 304x224, there could be some glitches left on the borders of the screen
after the initial animation, it's fixed now.
* Fix problems with starting some loading animations (breakers).
* Add handling of direct writes to fix area for over top, the only game I
know which needs this ! And fix the animations of overtop which were bad
begining at level 2
* Fix a remarquable bug with the memory pool : if you played in windowed
mode with normal blits and resized the window while playing a game by
draging a border of the window, the memory pool had an overflow after
about 1s of resizing, which was ending in a violent crash ! The memory
allocation is now more resistant to this kind of fun !
Notice the bug could happen only if your window manager resizes the window
in real time, that is if it sends redraw messages every time the size
changes. MS Windows doesn't do that normaly, it happened in kde for me.
* Until now if you pressed the windows key by mistake, windows throws you to
the desktop, but if you were in the middle of a game, you had a ugly
message when you came back, and raine/neoraine exited after you validate
the message. Well it's windows specific behaviour... anyway now when you
press this damned key, you are still thrown to the desktop (I don't think
I can do anything to prevent this !), but you can continue your game when
you come back with alt-tab. Notice that the game is not paused in this
case !
* Recompile the windows version of sdl_sound with smpeg support to be able
to play some weird kind of mp3s called "free format" which couldn't be
played in 1.1.0. Now if you find another unplayable format, the error
message will appear on the game screen instead of the console since
usually there is no console in windows ! ;-)
* If starting a game which had a title bitmap (which appears after you have
done "load game") in normal blits at a resolution such that width > 640
and height < 480, then you had a crash. It's fixed too !

Get it here: