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SubjectNeoRaine 1.1.2 & 1.1.2-2 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on03/14/08 06:37 AM

Here's whatsnew for 1.1.2-2:

"...there was a dependency problem in the windows binary package for neoraine, so I just recompiled it, it's now neoraine-1.1.2-2, no changes made to the sources. You couldn't enter neocd options menu with the previous build, sorry !"

Here's whatsnew for 1.1.2:

* Fix the mess between default and custom controls created by the autofire
saving ability
* Prevent a crash when messing with the autofire before a game is actually
* Fix bad palette in kof96ng (it's a general fix, the palette actually uses
a mirror).
* The turbo control works as expected with a joystick too (release the
control to stop the turbo effect).
* Help the user from turning animations off in the middle of a loading
animation and prevent last blade 2 from geting lost if we use a low speed
of loading. Also make the loading progression bar slightly more precise,
and survive if the user changes the cdrom speed in the middle of a loading
* small improvements to the gui, and added the ability to change most of the
colors (gui options / Colors).
* fixed speed too fast in some places for janshin (Quest of Jong Master)

Get it here: