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SubjectHatari 1.0.0 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on03/17/08 05:01 PM

Here's whatsnew:

- The user's configuration files are now located in the directory ~/.hatari/
instead of the $HOME directory itself.
- Improved VDI resolution mode (resolution can now be change in small steps).
- The 'Frame Skip 8' option can now be correctly selected, too.
- Fixed some bugs/problems in the GEMDOS HD emulation (with Fopen & Fcreate).
- Keyboard shortcuts for saving and restoring memory snapshots.
- Hatari can now be compiled with CeGCC, too.
- Fixed some problems with the FPU emulation. NeoN Grafix renders now right.
- Writing to floppy disk images works now also with TOS 4.0x.
- A lot of source code clean-up and beautification.
- Monochrome mode now runs in 71 Hz, and 60 Hz color mode now also really runs
with 60 Hz refresh rate.
- Fixed memory snapshot files (some important data has not been saved before).
- It is now possible to automatically load/save memory snapshots at start/exit.
- Fixed some bugs in the file selection dialog.
- Some minor improvements in the GUI: Improved text edit fields, "Cancel"
buttons can now be activated by pressing the ESC key, and Hatari asks the
user before resetting and quitting the emulator.
- The Hatari executable is now relocatable (so the RPM can be relocated, too).
- It's now possible to enable special trace output with the "--trace" option.
- The size of the borders can now be specified in the hatari.cfg file.
- Fixed Spec512 screen plotting on big endian machines.
- Native screen conversion functions for 32 bpp host display mode.
- Reworked the command line options.
- Added missing read for "clr" in 68000 CPU mode.
- Cycle correct MULU/MULS/DIVU/DIVS in 68000 CPU mode.
- Support for 68000 instructions pairing
- Better emulation of exception stack frame (bus/address error), used in some
- Don't change illegal 68000 opcodes $8, $a and $c if no cartridge is inserted.
- Ensure ACIA has consistent values when reset.
- More precise interrupt handling, allowing to mix CPU cycles and MFP cycles
with greater precision.
- Various improvements in MFP emulation (stop/start timer without writing to
data register, reading data register, handle pending cycles when timer
"wraps" (i.e. data register reaches 0), ...). Supports programs using some
very "fast" timers (Overscan Demos, ULM Demos) and requiring nearly cycle
exact synchronisation with the 68000.
- Mostly correct wait states when accessing sound registers (add wait state for
$ff8801/ff8803 when needed).
- Correct values of cycle counters read & write accesses for the most common
cases used for fullscreen/hardscroll.
- Correct values for Video_CalculateAddress, taking into account frequency and
left/right borders' state, needed for correct synchronisation between video
and cpu.
- Improve top/bottom border removal, including 60 Hz bottom border, as well as
"short" 50 Hz screen (171 lines)
- Support for all left/right border removal, including 0 byte lines.
- Support for hardscroll on STF, including the most recent ones using 4/5 lines.
- Support for 4 pixels horizontal hardscroll on STF (ST Connexion in Punish
Your Machine)
- Small adjustements in cycle precise color handling (spec512.c)

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