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SubjectRe: It's sad Reply to this message
Posted byJAW
Posted on04/10/08 04:06 AM

> That's sad that old crappy games can use so much CPU power when emulated. Is it
> againts the Mame licence to modify it to add speed hacks or optimize the code to
> gain performance over accuracy?
> Cause personally I would give a rat's ass how perfect the emulation is if a game
> is not playable. I would rather have some speed hacks in place or use video
> processing power to render certain things and speed up emulation and it suprises
> me that Mame being a open source project and no one has really taken the time or
> effort to try to speed up some of these games.
> > > http://mameui.classicgaming.gamespy.com/
> > >
> > > But I suppose there's still not enough power to run the more insanely power
> > > hungry games out there. And i also don't think MAME is capable of utilizing
> a
> > > quadcore CPU to it's full extent.
> >
> > True, there is no processor out there that runs all MAME games full speed.
> >
> > MAME can optimally use 2 cores in more recent versions. Anything more (4, 8)
> > will not yield substantially better results. You're better off sticking with 2
> > cores and faster speeds (I.E. 2 Cores at 3.0Ghz as oppose to 4 cores (or more)
> > at 2.4Ghz).
> >
> > Furthermore, MAME posts fastest/best performance under 64-Bit OS and 64-bit
> > compile.
> >
> > -Trebor
> >

I agree with you but sadly, MAME is more about accuracy than game playability. Very rarely will MAME include speed hacks. I wish MAME would change its policy because once upon a time, there were many arcade emulators and you could use an alternate. Nowadays, active arcade emulators are far a few between. It seems that the arcade world is limited to MAME and thus held hostage to the MAME policy.

Abandon all hope of ever seeing games like Gauntlet Legends (along with many others) run at full speed using an arcade emulator.


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