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SubjectVirtualT 1.1 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on04/17/08 06:01 AM

Here's whatsnew:

1. Fixed a bug with Rampac Only emulation. When this Memory Configuration was weleted,
the I/O operations were returning without performing any action because they were
checking for a NULL ReMem RAM pointer.

2. Fixed issue with Rampac and Base Memory file saving when switching the memory configurtion
from Rampac to ReMem + Rampac mode.

3. Added option to control whether ReMem's "Rampac Emulation" should override the Rampac
emulation mode. When ReMem + Rampac mode is selected, ReMem can be configured to emulate
the Rampac access method and write to ReMem memory space. The Memory Setup dialog now
provides checkbox to control if Rampac accesses are directed to ReMem memory space or to
Rampac memory space during this condition.

4. Added LPT Device emulation support and configuration options on the Peripheral Setup dialog.
Added printer icon to main window to show printer status and provide a Popup menu
for printer control.

5. Added Emulated printer support for printing to Files and Host Port devices.

6. Added Epson FX-80 printer emulation with output to different "Papers". Current papers
include Postscript files, "Virtual Paper" (FLTK Window), Windows Printer, and Linux 'lpr'
command line printing.

7. Fixed issue with default (cold boot) year setting on M10 and PC-8201a models.

8. Added an option to the COM emulation to loop back DTR to DSR and CTS to RTS to emulate a
"loopback" cable connected to the serial port. This option can be enabled from the COM
setup tab.

9. Fixed issue with Serial emulation on Linux in Base Memory emulation mode. Received bytes
were not trigginering the INT6.5 interrupt.

10. Fixed bug when cancelling file save operation that caused the program to crash.

11. Added support for Kyocera KC85 emulation.

12. Fixed bug with "Make OptROM Read/Write" option to save write operations between
bank switch operations.

13. Added FLASH Program / Erase state machine to ReMem emulation. State Machine supports
Programming, Chip and Sector Erase, CFI Query, Autoselect, and Reset commands. Does
not support sector protection.

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