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SubjectFunnyMu Unofficial 0.48 (creatiVision emulator) + news Reply to this message
Posted byMADrigal
Posted on04/18/08 04:38 AM

A load of updates to almost every area of the website, and yes we finally have a new version of the FunnyMu emulator! Let's see what's inside:

Many new entries added to the Releases database. Listing the hardware:
- creatiVision console (Hong Kong)
- creatiVision console (Australia, re-release by Bente International)
- creatiVision console (Sweden)
- Moving-key keyboard (international)

Plus a bunch of game boxes and manuals scans:
- Police Jump (1985 reissue)
- Sonic Invader (international)
- Crazy Chicky (Sweden)
- Tank Attack (Sweden)
- BASIC (international manual, covers only)
- BASIC (Italian manual, PDF format)
- BASIC (Australian Wizzard manual, PDF format)

Many articles submitted by contributors all over the world to the Articles from the 80s page:
- creatiVision system (Australian promo flyer)
- Happy computer #05/83 (German magazine)
- Teknik för Alla #11/83 (Swedish magazine)
- Video Giochi #11 (Italian magazine)
- Neckermann KatalogWelt spring 1984 (German mail-order catalogue)
- Heim-Computer Report '84 (German book)
- Heim-Computer Report '85 (German book)

Last but not least, there's the new "unofficial" FunnyMu 0.48 emulator for Windows (source code available for Windows and Linux) in the Downloads page. There's a major addition by Paul Hayter, author of the original version, who recently contacted me and offered an private build and source code of his emulator. Here's what's new:

0.48 unofficial
* fixed bug in audio emulation, thanks to Paul Hayter's fix from the private
unreleased FunnyMu 0.44
* minor cleaning to source code

Greetings and thanks for the new stuff go to: Russell Cranwell, Rikard Ljungkvist, Anders Carlsson, Norman Pelz, Jens Brinkmann, Richard Hennesy and (of course!) Paul Hayter. Thanks a lot!

url: http://www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu