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SubjectRegen 0.6 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on04/23/08 06:05 AM

Here's whatsnew:

* Changed the Z-80 emulator from MZ-80 to RAZE as this is much more accurate and
since MZ-80 was having some problems with some games. If you find some games broken
report them.
* Updated M68K core to latest version as a result debugger disassembly is broken for now.
* Added highly customizable and fast text engine. You can change the text color from
the ini file by modifying TextColor_R, TextColor_G, TextColor_B values.
Option to make and change fonts will be added later.
* Option to show framerate.
* Added my own pixel doubling(non-anti-aliased) and interpolated filter plugins.
* Added option to not emulate console lock-ups. These are not emulated by default.
You can emulate them by setting EmulateLockups variable to 1 in the ini file.
* Changed the name of "Superfast blitting" to "Superfast rendering" as this is right.
* SRAM and EEPROM saving and loading added. Maybe incorrect. I couldn't test it much.
You can disable their loading and saving from the "System" menu.
* WAV logging added. VGM logging will be added soon. The directory where the sound will be dumped
can be specified in the ini file by changing the SoundDumpDir variable.
* Made Super Street Fighter II working. You must disable autofix checksum for it to work.
* Tried to improve the PAR support. I couldn't test it much. Tell me how it goes.
* Regen can now fool the "Emulator Detector" program made by Tiido. It can detect if his program is being
run on real Genesis or on an emulator. I could not find any emulator that is capable of fooling it...no not even Kega.
* Following unlicensed games added, more to come soon:
- Super Bubble Bobble
- Earth Defend
- Whac-A-Critter / Mallet Legend
- Funny World And Balloon Boy
- Squirrel King
- Bugs Life. Autofix checksum must be disabled for this game to work.
* Fixed the following bugs(mostly reproted by ZSNES forum members):
- Sprites showing up in Battle Tech start when they shouldn't be. Thanks to Eke for
reporting this problem and telling the solution too :-)
- Sound problems in Sonic 2.
- Loading another game past Virtua Racing causes the graphics to be messed up.
- Loading another game from history when Virtua Racing is loading causes the emulator to crash.
- Does not mute sound when lost focus.
- Once a cheat is enabled, you can't change the state if it's a multi-option cheat.
(e.g. Sonic 1 chaos emerald modifier, can't change from Six to Five, always goes back to Six).
* Hopefully fixed(or at least minimized) the static in sound when window is moved.
* The following things are still unfixed due to some valid reasons :-)
- Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy. AFAIK its a hack. I don't like to add hacked games that need special handling.
But if there are enough people who would like to see it on Regen then I will add it. Currently there has been just 2 requests :)
- No autopause if minimized using taskbar button. Windows reports that Regen has the focus. I could not find
any emulator, with autopause option, that autopaused this way.
- Save states in Virtua Racing. Genecyst savestate format currently does not allow extra stuff to be saved. It needs to be extended.
- Game no Kanzume o Tokuyou won't run. It wants to write to ROM and also seems to use unused VDP control bits.
I have not found *right*(read: without hack) way to run this game.
- Wonder Library will also not run. Is it really a Genesis game?? Seems to be a SegaCD game. It does lots of unused memory read/writes
in the SegaCD area.

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