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SubjectFB Alpha Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on04/29/08 06:05 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Added support for the TC0480SCP Taito tilemap controller
Rewrote the System 16 tile rendering to allow proper col and row scroll and also support alternate tilemap selection
Added Double Axle to the Taito Z driver
Added 1942w to the 1942 driver
Added more games to the System 1 driver
Added iq_132s Green Beret driver
Updated the CPS-1 mappers as per MAME
Corrected clock in Varth
Corrected clocks in the Kyugo driver as per MAME
Corrected sprite positioning in the Kyugo driver
Added a feature allowing users to go to fullscreen and back by double-clicking
Added command line option -listextrainfo
Fixed compile errors when using the MAME Z80 core with the Zet interface
Updated the Mole, Green Beret, Pooyan and Gun Smoke drivers with BisonSAS' changes

Get it here: