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SubjectRegen 0.85 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on04/29/08 06:11 AM

Here's whatsnew:
* Totally rewrote timing code and implemented a new event system. I think this new code is very close to being 100% accurate.
Although Regen still emulates line-by-line this code will give results that can only be achieved by running the emulator cycle-by-cycle.
This code is not slow either. In fact, it may be *faster* than the previous code. This code is still in early stages but I thought
it was stable enough to released. Now why I did it? Especially since the previous system was already very mature.
Well the only *real* reason for me was that a user posted me a small demo program that will only run correctly if the timings of the
emulator were absolutely perfect. So, as you may have guessed, that it did not work correctly under Regen. But the interesting thing
is that it did not work correctly in Kega either. Fixing the demo broke many other games. But with this new system not only the demo
works correctly but also all the games work perfect (as far as I've tested). This new system has also fixed some games that
did not worked previously which include:
- Bram Stoker's Dracula
- Wheel of Fortune
It also fixes some of the glitches in games like Legends of Galahad, Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing,
Striker, Deadly Moves (runs even better than Kega) and many more.
* Replaced MAME's FM core with my own YM2612 emulator which I had been working on for some time.
This is the reason this release took so long. It more accurate than MAME's core and very close to real thing.
Listen to Warlock, Ariel, Shaq Fu etc... for the difference. If a game still doesn't sound correctly
please reprot it.
* Changed 68k timings. This fixes Surging Aura.
* Sound in Pac-Man 2, The New Adventures (U) fixed. Maybe the first time for any Genesis emulator. I couldn't find
any other emu that runs it correctly.
* Corrected the behaviour of X-MEN 2 and Eternal Champions on reset.
* Fixed the PAR finally this time. All the codes will now work Regen that worked in Kega and real hardware.
* Added multi-language support to Regen menus. There are many languages available by default. Thanks to their
authors. See the respective language files for their names. You can create your own language file too.
See the readme for that. Please note that there won't be any check beside any selected language. That is
because I noticed the list changes on every run of Regen even if no new languages are installed. This creates
the problem of check appearing against wrong language. There are solutions to it but its just too much pain.
* Changed the drop list height in redefine keys dialog so that 6-button, Menacer, Sega Mouse options are visible.
People thought Regen didn't support them :-)
* Regen will now correctly load Kega and Gens' created SRAM files.
* Now you can pause a game then press space for executing just one frame. Useful for taking precise screenshots.
* Fixed and improved the EEPROM support. All games that *did* have EEPROM originaly will run
correctly now.
* Fixed a small glitch in country sub menu.
* Multiple messages can now be displayed.
* Added a small program in "Fonts" directory to create fonts for the emulator text engine. Please note that it will
ask twice to select font. The first will be used when 'Superfast Rendering' or 'None' is selected. The second will
be used when a plugin is selected and is usually the same as the first one but nearly twice the size. I could do it
programmatically but I didn't because this way the user can tweak the sizes individually because the second font doesn't
appear to be exactly twice the size (little bigger) even the height is exactly the twice of the first one.
* AVI movie recording support. Don't ask for any other format please. Recording directory is same
as sound.
* Loading a game multiple times will create only one entry in the File History.
* Fixed FPS display being cut-off if in three or more digits in None plugin mode.
* Fixed some crashes especially when changing the sound rate.
* Many other internal changes.

Get it from here: