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SubjectNestopia 1.39 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/05/08 06:05 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Shell Additions:
"Don't show again" checkbox in DIP switches popup window.
Soft-patching status in image info dialog.

Shell Changes:
More descriptive error messages.

Shell Fixes:
Netplay file opening error leading to crash.
Recent files locking bug on exit.
Last visited image file directory bug on exit.
Esc not working sometimes when disabling dialog controls (Windows™ quirk).
Crash on cancel when exporting to AVI.
Correct screen height with NTSC filter when exporting to AVI.
Typos in GUI.

Core Additions:
Core API documentation in HTML through cppdoc.
UPS patching format support.
Database lookup on soft-patching.
Database entries. Info from Bootgod.
More recognized boards. Info from Bootgod.

Core Changes:
FDS saves through UPS instead of IPS.
Database entries. Info from Bootgod.

Core Fixes:
FDS file saving bug.
NTSC burst phase incrementing bug.
Potential memory leak in database loader.
UTF16 to wchar_t portability fix in XML parser.
Const-correctness bug caught by GCC 4.0.

Get it here: