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SubjectStella 2.6 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/16/08 07:33 PM

Here's whatsnew:

* Added AtariVox support using a real AtariVox device, where Stella
sends data directly to the AtariVox. For now, this is supported in
Linux/UNIX, OSX, and Win32 only. You'll obviously need a real
AtariVox, and a serial<->USB adaptor to connect it to your system.
Added '-avoxport' commandline argument used to set the serial port
to which the AtariVox is connected. Special thanks to Al Yarusso
and Richard H. for providing sample hardware.

* Added AtariVox and SaveKey EEPROM emulation. This reads/writes data
to a 32KB file, not to the actual hardware. Very useful for testing
EEPROM support without actually wearing out the real device. Special
thanks to J. Payson for providing the EEPROM emulation code, and A.
Herbert for answering many driver-related questions.

* Added support for CX-22, CX-80, and AmigaMouse trackball controllers.

* Improved debugger symfile handling so that addresses accessed as
read-only won't use write-only labels (and vice-versa). More work
is still needed in this area.

* Added M6532/RIOT tab to the debugger. This will be expanded on in a
future release.

* Added TIA emulation fixes for graphical glitches in Escape from the
Mindmaster, Mission Survive, Solaris, and SWOOPS!

* Fixed bug where fullscreen OpenGL scaling wasn't working on 4:3 monitors.

* Further improvements to the M6532/RIOT emulation, which unfortunately
have broken old state files (again).

* Added deadzone setting, for adjusting the deadzone amount for
analog joysticks. This can be set using the commandline argument
'-joydeadzone' or dynamically within the UI.

* Make ROM disassembly in debugger take advantage of a wide window.

* Fixed bug in 6507 BCD handling introduced in the last release.

* For the Win32 port; Win9x should be fully supported again.

Get it here: