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SubjectFB Alpha Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/23/08 06:04 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Added a module to control the Taito IC chips in a more efficient way
Added a module to do all the common Taito functions and tidied the drivers
Rewrote the PC080SN and PC090OJ emulation adding support for row scroll, double width and other features
Added tile banking support to the TC0100SCN emulation
Added support for configurable bit-depths to the TC0100SCN emulation
Added palette offset support to the TC0480SCP emulation
Added driver for Darius
Added Dead Connection, Dino Rex, Growl, Koshien, Liquid Kids, Mahjong Quest, Mega Blast, Metal Black, Ninja Kids, Solitary Fighter and various quiz games to the Taito F2 driver
Rewrote the Operation Wolf, Rainbow Islands and Rastan drivers to support the new Taito IC module
Added Jumping and the original versions of Operation Wolf to the Taito PC080SN & PC090OJ based driver
Rewrote the Taito X driver to support the new Taito IC module
Added Balloon Brothers, Gigandes and Last Striker to the Taito X driver
Added iq_132s Dr. Tomy driver
Added iq_132s Exed Exes driver
Added proper screen clearing to the Hyper Pacman driver
Fixed a small bug in the ClrMAME dat generation with missing quotes
Matched all sets to MAME 0.125u2

Get it here: