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SubjectRaine 0.50.13 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/27/08 07:50 PM

Here's whatsnew:

* us classic golf (seta game) finally works correctly. In fact it never
worked, even in 0.43.0 it had bad colors, the set now requires the color
proms for good colors, so you might have to upgrade to romset.
* cps2: fixed a priority problem in nwarr when taking Anakaris. It was a
stupid mistake, but which went unnoticed for a very long time ! so the fix
affects every cps2 game, but AFAIK it was noticeable only in this game...
* gui: game selection was partially broken in previous version
* gui: changing a menu value with the mouse didn't work well in previous
version (you had to use the keyboard for that !).
* The 8bpp games are working correctly when using normal blits, + the
palette updates are now more efficient (it's still less efficient than the
normal games, but it's better).
* The console isn't anymore a bag of bugs and becomes usable, you can now
create scripts, and execute them from the cheats dialog (which gained a
keyboard shortcut in the process - alt-c by default, change it if you
already use alt !). I have added some basic cheats using the console for
ironclad, mslug and ssrpg. If you are interested, read the topics on
rainemu forum about the console, and see the integrated help (help

Get it here: