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SubjectNeoRaine 1.1.5 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/27/08 07:51 PM

Here's whatsnew:

* fix loading a mode1/2352 image with animations enabled
* Now supports audio tracks contained in the game image file (usually a bin
file). I tested with a mode1/2048 image and a mode1/2352 one, so it should
normally work everywhere. If you made your own image from a real cd, and
all you can hear is a big "sssssshhhhhhh" instead of music, then there is
a new option for you in sound options : "audio tracks format". Normally cd
tracks should always be in lsb format, but some cd player swap the bytes
when reading them, so you can try msb if the sound is broken for you, but
normally you should never have to touch this option.
* See raine changelog for the stupid gui fixes of previous version.
* Basic support for playing directly an audio cd : if no external audio
track can be found, then neoraine will try to play the 1st audio cd it can
find. In linux it works only if you have the cable between the cdrom drive
and your soundcard, in windows it works everywhere (converted to digital).
This is the less "efficient" mode of playing : looping isn't supported,
which means that in aero fighters the track won't loop during game play,
and for now it doesn't try to save the current track position in
* When a cd track was played until its end, it stopped completely the cdda
and you couldn't hear anymore any track. It's fixed now.
* The demo of street hoop didn't play correctly if loading animations were
enabled. This bug affected only games which used the horizontal irq (very
* disabled speed hack for magical drop 2 as it made the menu much harder to
use !

Get it here: