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SubjectHoxs64 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/29/08 05:45 PM

Here's whatsnew since

29 May 2008 v1.0.5.25
1) Bug fix for an un-initialised boolean that either allows head stepping while the motor
is off (the most likely case) or causes missed head steps depending of the "random" state of
the boolean.

29 May 2008 v1.0.5.24
1) Another adjustment to the 1541 drive head stepping logic and initialisation of disk drive
that is broken in the previous release as seen by excessive flashing of the 1541 LED.

2) The 1541 disk motor will run continue to spin for a short a fraction of a second after being
turned off. The disk loader for Star Trekking the Game is now more accurately accommodated.

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