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SubjectSainT v2.10 out Reply to this message
Posted byitchyNADZ
Posted on06/30/08 04:40 PM

Home Page

* RAW Floppy support! Boot your fave game or demo directly using your good old floppy! Use "-floppy" command line option
* Small fix in movie file extension warning (always use .avi)
* speeded the fast-forward mode (press right control key during emulation)
* Dirext9 version
* STE DAC sound volume boost
* STE DAC Master Volume support added!
* removing DirectX dynamic texture support flag (seems to be a bit faster)
* fixed breakpoint red marker in debugger mode (use "-debug")
* centered sound debug gfx
* remove window resizing possibility
* fix a crash when a directx screen saver activate while saint is running
* More faster speedup mode (even in fullscreen) (keep the right CONTROL key pressed)