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SubjectRuMSX 0.41 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/03/08 07:22 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Important: RuMSX v0.41 has a new installer! Therefore it is required to uninstall an older version of RuMSX before installing the new version.
You can uninstall RuMSX through the Control-Panel. Select "Software" and "RuMSX" to uninstall.

Installer now supports the Windows XP "Open With" feature. This is different to prior versions, where only "RuMSX" and "Disk-Manager" could share the file-extensions. Now potential problems on Windows XP and existing problems on Windows Vista are resolved in changing this behavior.
Windows 95 / Windows NT 4 is no longer supported, new minimum requirement is Windows 98 / Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer 4
Disk drive letters have been assigned incorrectly for rare configurations (e.g. HB-F1XDJ) where the Disk-ROM was located in an expanded slot with secondary slot-id different than 3. E.g. FILES accessed drive "C:" instead of "A:" (this bug was new since RuMSX v0.31)
Added "CAS" motor indicator (in addition to FDD, HDD, CD)
Added "Preview" support for .RuMSX save-state files
Some interlaced modes were not rendered correctly
Fully implemented scanline interrupt handling "F1 Spirit 3D special", "Golvelious 2", "Bombaman" and many more games are working now!
Fixed incomplete detection of 5th/9th sprite, so WAVES.ROM does also work now!
Fixed behavior of VDP TransferReady flag, so "Andorogynus" does no longer have defective graphics
Fixed Printer-emulation: subscript is now correct, printing with resolutions > 300dpi is better sized
Added display of print-progress to statusbar (at least for emulated MSX/Epson printers)
Fixed problems when RuMSX is started for the 1st time (MSX2: logo rendered incorrectly, ...)
Default-directory for print-file and debug-output file is no longer %TEMP%, "%TMP% or C:\ but "My MSX" or "My Documents"
Fixed autodetection of "64 in 1" ROM, which was unfortunately ignored in the ROM-database.
Corrected floppy-emulation to MSX Disk-BIOS semantic (all memory-aras except page 1 are unchanged during PHYDIO)
Keyboard click is now shorter (better match to real MSX)
Options "Use OPLL" and "Use multimedia timer" are now selected by default
Removed several hardcoded english texts (startup, shutdown, disk properties, ...)
Added option to remember last used Joystick
Many fixes to the configuration editor:
Configurations with an "Unknown" locale were not correctly saved in prior versions;
Configuration is handled readonly if no change-permissions are given (Vista/XP/2000/NT4);
Readonly-configurations are displayed with disabled controls;
New configurations will be saved into "My MSX\MSX computers\RuMSX configurations" (if available);
New configurations are automatically added to the list and selected by default
No "Choose configuration" (initial) in case of read SaveState or Preview
supplemental SETUP.EXE is now fully supporting Windows Vista
A lot of internal changes for WIN64 compatibility
Added italian localization (translation incomplete in this release)
Added support for "Playball" samples. If available they should be provided as samples\playball\playball_*.wav files in the RuMSX folder.
Warning for overriding sensitive data applies to Win95/98/ME only (volume tracking driver) and is therefore displayed on such systems only!
Moved documentation of R800 extensions from the WebPage into the manuals, where it should be persisted.
Added SPLITROM.exe command-line utility
Added disclaimer as requested by BAZIX - MSX logo policy
BugFix: number of CPU cycles per screen-refresh was reversed for 50Hz and 60Hz (noticable with NEMESIS1)
Known bug: Interrupt timed games such as "Nemesis1" might accidentally speed up for some duration.
Workaround: see "Known Problems" in RuMSX-help.

Get it here: