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SubjectRe: Explanation of Galaga 'no fire' bug Reply to this message
Posted byOoga
Posted on07/03/08 06:13 PM

> No enemy fire trick
> On either the 1st or 2nd screen, leave one of the blue/yellow bugs, from either
> of the 2 left-most columns in the formation. Avoid its fire until it stops (and
> passes at least 3 times down the screen without firing). This takes anywhere
> from 5 (if both are left) to 20 minutes to perform. This bug occurs b/c the jobs
> of starting a new shot and moving an existing shot are handled by 2 different
> CPUs (there are 3 total). The problem is, each uses a different method to
> determine if a shot is active or not - one checks to see if X=0, the other uses
> a specific status byte. There are a total of 8 shot slots that can be active or
> not at any time. When you leave one of those bugs, it circles off and on the
> screen. If it shoots while off the screen, the shot is made active, but X=0; it
> never moves. When this happens 8 times, their shots become inactive. In a
> 2-player game, if either player does the trick, both will benefit.
> My friends and I always wondered why this worked back when Galaga first came
> out. Now I know.
I know your message has a bunch of text in it to read, but for some reason my eyes just cannot focus on it.

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