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Subjectplus4emu 1.2.7 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/08/08 06:38 AM

Here's whatsnew:

-Added support for using the mouse to change the cursor position in the emulated machine, and copying text to and pasting from the clipboard; the following functions are available:
left click: sets the cursor position
right click: sets the cursor position, and copies the selected word to the clipboard
ctrl + right click: sets the cursor position, and copies text from the selected line to the clipboard
shift + right click: copies text from the whole screen to the clipboard without changing the cursor position
middle click: sets the cursor position, and pastes text from the clipboard
shift + middle click: pastes text from the clipboard without changing the cursor position
Note that these are disabled when a display mode that hides the menu bar and the mouse cursor is selected, or light pen emulation - which also uses the mouse - is enabled.
-New command line option (-keybuf) for typing text of any length at startup; the text can also be read from a file
-Added machine configuration option to control the SID output volume; this also affects the sound recorded to AVI files
-Increased TED audio output level relative to the default SID output level, for better accuracy in programs that use both types of sound at the same time
-Minor sound emulation fixes
-The process priority of the emulator can be changed from the GUI (currently, this is only implemented on Windows)
-Some utility improvements:
compress has more options now, and is optimized somewhat for slightly better efficiency and speed
p4fliconv automatically detects the use of the C64 palette in GIF files and enables pixel exact reading mode, and there is a new experimental hires conversion algorithm as well
-Minor optimizations
-In OpenGL video mode, the vertical interlace effect is now also displayed at quality 1 and 2, and quality 2 uses 32-bit textures for improved color accuracy at the expense of being somewhat slower (previously, both interlace and 32-bit textures were enabled only at quality 3)
-Fixed bug that prevented the emulator display from being correctly redrawn when damaged on Windows in software video mode or OpenGL with the quality set to 0
-A few Linux compile and link errors have been fixed

Get it here: