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SubjectUberNES version 3 revision 3 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/11/08 06:51 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Added time-trial support for 5 more game (10 total); users can now compete for best speed runs in the following games:
Bionic Commando
Duck Tales
Ninja Gaiden 2
Super Mario Bros. 3

Added history viewer to online high score and time trial leaderboards
All high scores and speed run times in UberNES are now timestamped
Interactive viewer graphs the history of each high score and speed run game
Game history is also displayed in plain text format that integrates seamlessly with graphical view

Rewrote video subsystem to provide more functionality and better performance
Added Scale2X, Scale3X, NTSC, and scanline scalers/filters
Hardware and software video scaling can now be independently controlled

Online movie gallery now alerts and signals new UberNES movies when gallery list is refreshed

Increased number of save state lots from 5 to 100

Get it here: