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SubjectFB Alpha Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/16/08 06:08 AM

Here's whatsnew:

Burner (interface) changes:
Added a game information dialog to burner
Tidied up the game selection dialog and seperated Kaneko 16 and Psikyo
Added a context menu to the game selection dialog
Added a most recently played games menu item
Changed the roms dir config dialog to support upto 8 paths
Fixed an issue with the roms dir config dialog that didn't let the user clear an entry
Added the roms dir config dialog to the Misc menu
Added a dialog to configure support files (previews, titles, flyers, marquees, controls, cabinets, pcbs, cheats and history) and added it to the Misc menu
Added an option to the Misc menu to stop FBA playing with the Num Lock status (don't use this if you use a Hotrod or X-Arcade stick)
Added an option to the Video menu to auto-switch to full screen after loading a game from the selection dialog
Added iq_132s improvements to the cheat system
Adds support for Nebula/Kawaks cheat dats
Adds limited (although most cheats work) support for the old format MAME cheat.dat file
Adds cheat support to drivers using the ZET interface, or NEC, SH-2 and M6502 CPUs
Added a basic cheat search engine
Added a jukebox player - this is very preliminary and only supports WWF Wrestlefest for now (it has many problems for now)
Added a menu item to write decrypted C Neo-Geo roms to disk
Various little GUI fixes/improvements

Burn (emulation) changes:
Merged in Oopsware's changes to the ZET interface improving support for MAME's Z80 emulator - some things are still broken though so DOZE is still the default
Added a function to the CPU interfaces to return the active CPU
Fixed a screen clearing issue in the CPS-1 and CPS-2 drivers when not using a 16-bit colour depth
Added various bootlegs to the CPS-1 driver in various states of working and attempted to differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly (dumps)
Added offset support to the CPS-1 scroll layers
Added a flag to define whether or not CPS-1 sprite rendering should happen in reverse
Fixed an issue with rom loading in the sf2yyc driver
Got the sf2m3 set working and the sf2m1 set almost working
Added "Phoenix Edition" sets to the CPS-2 driver
Changed to iq_132s current Neo-Geo driver (thanks to iq_132 for updating it)
Enabled the decrpyted C Neo-Geo clones and bootlegs from Kawaks
Added two clones of Night Striker to the Taito driver
Changed some dip switches in the Double Dragon 3 driver
Added Wonder League '96 to the Tumble Pop bootleg driver
Updated dip switches in Wonder League Star and Jumping Pop
Added the 16-bit only flag to the megadrive games - fixes rendering issues in the basic blitters
Added iq_132s Vulgus driver
Matched all sets to MAME 0.126

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