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SubjectMAME 0.126u2 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/24/08 06:01 AM

Here's whatsnew:

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 01448: [DIP/Input] twotiger: If you have your controller centered,
it is in fact tilted slightly to the right. (Aaron Giles)
- 00595: [DIP/Input] playch10.c games: Button 1 and 2 are reversed
with respect to all other standard mapping. (Fabio Priuli)
- 02007: [Misc.] avengrgs: SH2 Recompiler Bug: Avenrgs crash
(R. Belmont)
- 01892: [Sound] calspeed: Refreshspeed causes horrible screetching
in some games [Calspeed used for example]. (Aaron Giles)
- 01472: [DIP/Input] flower: Starting a game doesn't always register.
(David Haywood)
- 02029: [DIP/Input] aurail and clones: Coinage Dip Switches ignored
(Fabio Priuli)
- 01902: [Core] galpani3: crash at start (Fabio Priuli)
- 01718: [DIP/Input] bishi: Coin 1 and Service 1 mapped twice.
(Fabio Priuli)
- 01572: [DIP/Input] hypreact: Kan, Pon, Chi, Reach, Ron are mapped
twice. (Fabio Priuli)
- 01568: [DIP/Input] gstrik2: Service mode is mapped twice.
(Fabio Priuli)
- 02019: [Core] vfkids: Logging for the SH-2 has been left on.
(R. Belmont)
- 01113: [Speed] btlkroad: [possible] This game runs like slow-motion
during gameplay, with 60/60 on fps. (Nicola Salmoria)
- 00479: [DIP/Input] livegal: P1 Start start a P2 game (and some
inputs are misread in Test Mode) (Fabio Priuli)

Source Changes
Robustified key behavior when the debugger is visible. Should now
properly ignore the "break into debugger" keypress and not allow
related characters to filter through. Removed some hacks related to
making that work in the past. [Aaron Giles]

Changed osd_wait_for_debugger() to take a machine parameter and a
"firsttime" parameter, which is set to 1 the first time the function
is called after a break. The Windows debugger uses this to ensure
that the debugger has focus when you break into it. [Aaron Giles]

Changed short names for STV BIOS back to single words. [Brian Troha]

Added information on how to toggle the built-in speedup in Ms Pacman
or the fast shot in Galaga in 20pacgal. [Brian Troha]

All sound chips must now include a tag. Changed all existing drivers
to define a unique tag for each sound chip. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed incorrect i960 behavior when generating interrupts. [ElSemi]

Changed -listxml to now output the tag names for CPUs and sound chips.
[Aaron Giles]

Added validity checks to ensure no duplicate sound or CPU tags.
Fixed several duplicates. [Aaron Giles]

Changed MDRV_CPU_ADD to require a tag. Removed MDRV_CPU_ADD_TAG.
Tagged all CPUs. [Aaron Giles]

TGP / Model 2 fixes [ElSemi]
- TGP now correctly uses table roms (model1/2 updated accordingly)
- removed FIFO hack on srallyc (game now runs)
- added analog ports reading for model 2A/B/C
- fixed some loading instructions in the TGP. that fixes srallyc
automatic transmission bug

Merged CPU0 and 1 memory maps in flower, improved interrupt generation
[David Haywood]

Dsp56156 Disassembler rewrite. [Andrew Gardner]
- Rearranged decoding behavior.
- Updated code style to MAME standards.
- Tested each single-word opcode with custom ROMs.

Laserdiscs are now devices. Updated all drivers accordingly.
[Aaron Giles]

Merged memory maps in battlnts, bbusters, bigevglf, bigstrkb, and
bionicc. [Aaron Giles]

Added new functions attotime_to_ticks() and ticks_to_attotime() to
convert between attotimes and a clock tick at an integral frequency.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed the 6532 RIOT device into a proper device. Rewrote the
logic to be simpler and leverage the new attotime functions. Changed
the I/O port setters to specify a mask, and changed the I/O port
callbacks to pass in the previous value. Updated tourtabl and
gameplan drivers to use the new device interface. [Aaron Giles]

Converted audio/starwars.c, audio/exidy.c, and audio/gottlieb.c to
use the new RIOT implementation instead of rolling their own.
[Aaron Giles]

Began gottlieb.c cleanup. Converted palette calculations to resistor
weights. Corrected video timing. Reduced the number of separate
machine drivers. Fixed incorrect spriteram sizes. Populated full
memory maps for the main CPU and the rev 1 sound board. More to
come. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed 8257 DMA terminal count stop for autoload mode and added
callback function existance check. [Miodrag Milanovic]

Completed removal of all explicit calls to input_port_read_indexed().
[Fabio Priuli]

Converted tinklpit keycus implementation from a table to a LFSR.
[Olivier Galibert]

Removed unnecessary ROM shuffling code in namconb2. [Olivier Galibert]

Made the initialization of various Konami PPC drivers consistent
from run to run, hopefully fixing most multisession issues. Also moved
some allocations from static to dynamic storage. [Atari Ace]

Made input_port_read_indexed() private to machine/generic.c.
Eventually it will probably disappear altogether. Fixed the two
remaining instances. [Aaron Giles]

Converted a number of drivers from A-C to using tagged input ports,
and AM_PORT_READ in the address maps. [Fabio Priuli]

Added DIP locations to a large number of drivers: bwidow.c, bzone.c,
bestleag, blackt96, bogeyman, bombjack, boogwing, bottom9, brkthru,
darwin, buggychl, squaitsa, btime, bnj, lnc, zoar, disco, cabal,
canyon, cbuster, cclimber, swimmer and guzzler. [Fabio Priuli]

Made DIP switch renderings consistent regardless of UI aspect.
[Aaron Giles]

Moved more items out of .data by either applying const, removing the
non-zero initializer (if its overwritten by init/reset) or by adding
appropriate initialization code. [Atari Ace]

Removed conditional logging code in favor of allowing the compiler to
optimize it out. This prevents bitrot of #ifdef'ed code. [Atari Ace]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Shinobi III (Mega Play) [Tomasz Slanina, Kowal]
Player's Edge Plus (X002069P) Double Double Bonus Poker [Hammer300]

New clones added
Major Title (World) [Tirino73 / MAME Italia]
Winding Heat (EAA, Euro v1.11) [Highwayman]
Demon's World / Horror Story (set 5) [Corrado Tomaselli]

New games marked as GAME_NOT_WORKING
Rail Chase 2 [AndyGeezer]

Get the Diff Intermediate Update here: